We have been a family company, distillers since 1888. 

Strengthened by past experiences and proud of our present, we pass on our passion in the production of the best Abruzzo’s spirits. This is what we do. In every bottle, there is a sip of our history.

Our future has already been written: passing on the quality of our products, we are faithful to our origins by respecting the unique taste of Abruzzo’s land typical products.

Our values are our family’s values, the same we are raising our children with. We look into the future by drawing from the past. We are proud to offer our specialities to the world with courage, strength, determination, attention.

La specialità abruzzese di qualità e tradizione leader nel mondo.

La nostra storia

Cav. del Lavoro Francesco Iannamico

In 1888, the Cavaliere del Lavoro Francesco Iannamico, using a secret recipe, began to produce a liqueur with particular characteristics that guaranteed a pleasant taste.
The business continued with his son Giovanni and subsequently with his nephew Dr. Bruno Iannamico. In 1968, Bruno transferred the company to a modern factory located in Fara Filiorum Petri, a small town in the heart of Abruzzo in the foothills of the Maiella Mountains.
Thus began a long tradition handed down over time from father to son, for four generations.
Today as then, Bruno, assisted by his four children Margherita, Vincenzina, Francesco, Domenico, still produces the famous Jannamaro liqueur: sublimation of the initial idea, developed with loving care almost as if to keep safe a dear memory and a secret tradition that time cannot erase.

Giovanni Iannamico

1888 – The Family Jannamico and employee

Dott. Bruno Iannamico Presidente

Thanks to Bruno Iannamico, the liquor industry Ival S.a.s. has conquered and consolidated the national and foreign market placing itself among the leading companies in the sector.
With his ability as an active and dynamic manager, Bruno has been able to achieve the highest degree of professionalism and competence; these qualities have been recognized by the awarding of the Honoris Causa degree for special merits acquired in his work and for giving prestige to its region and the entire nation.

Recipes we have been creating with unchanged methods for 130 years / Our company has been creating, with unchanged methods, recipes for 130 years.
Despite being a large company with a 4000 sq.m plant, we remain/ ARE an artisanal business.
We choose only fresh, seasonal ingredients as nature offers them. The constancy and dedication we
all put in every product, from its creation to its bottling, and the care we put in every detail bring
back memories of good, familiar things.
With an output of 1000 bottles per hour, Ival is an established company in both the Italian and
international markets. A challenge we face every day with the same enthusiasm.


  • Premio Qualità Abruzzo
  • Medaglia d’Oro Amburgo
  • Medaglia d’Oro Dijon
  • Gran Diploma d’onore Torino
  • Medaglia d’oro e Gran Croce d’Onore Nizza
  • Medaglia d’oro Poitiers
  • Medaglia d’Oro e Palma d’Oro
  • Massima onorificenza Vienna
  • Gran Croce d’Onore Monaco
  • Medaglia d’Oro Napoli
  • Medaglia d’Oro Bruxelles
  • Medaglia d’Oro Bordeaux
  • Medaglia d’Oro Strasburgo
  • Medaglia d’Oro Londra
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